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Reds Either Closing or Not Closing Gap on Teixeira Valuation

January transfer struggles with a Ukrainian club? Why, I never...

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Dear Fowler, he won a header. WANT.
Dear Fowler, he won a header. WANT.
Christian Hofer/Getty Images

Edit: Shortly after publishing this piece, a conflicting report emerged that the two sides were close to a deal. Which could mean something, but probably not.

According to Sky Sports, Liverpool and Shakhtar Donetsk remain "Some way off" from agreeing to a transfer fee for 26-year-old Brazilian attacking midfielder Alex Teixeira. It was previously reported that the club was holding out for around £38 million, but Sky are reporting the club have come down to £35 million and a buy-one sandwich, get-one-free coupon redeemable at any Bennigan's (of equal or lesser value, of course).

However, ESPN Brazil are reporting this morning that Liverpool likely to wrap up a deal, as evidenced by this tweet:

Liverpool have allegedly increased their initial £24.5 million bid to £29 million plus add-ons (more coupons and whatever Ayre could find between the couch cushions, presumably). The Reds have also agreed to a deal with Teixeira, hoping the player can put pressure on the Ukrainian club to sell.

At this point, it seems unlikely that the club would break their own transfer record over Teixeira, although stranger things have happened. Like £35 million for Andy Carroll. Or £32.5 million for Christian Benteke. Basically, I'm saying Liverpool don't appear to be great at negotiations, so we'll probably spend the full £38 million after all.

Of course, it's impossible to really know what is happening behind closed doors in negotiations. And to the club's credit, they've been very tight-lipped about recent transfers and managerial changes, so it's hard to rule anything out at this stage. Stay tuned to the same Bat-channel for the latest.

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