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Lawrence Vigouroux Returns to Swindon Town Following Pennies Apology

Having had his Swindon Town loan cut short after he attempted to pay a fine all in pennies, Liverpool loanee Lawrence Vigouroux has since apolgoised to teammates and been welcomed back into the fold.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

On Monday, Lawrence Vigouroux had his loan at Swindon Town cut short after he paid a £50 fine in pennies, an act that elicited both chuckles and some head shaking at the kind of antic that seems a lot funnier when it's a player at another club engaged in it.

Today, the League One side have welcomed the 21-year-old goalkeeper back after he apologised to teammates and the club's manager left it up to them whether they wanted the Liverpool loanee back in their ranks. They said they did, and boss Mark Cooper took a moment to speak about it today.

"Lawrence is going to come back," confirmed the Swindon manager whose side are firmly sat mid-table in their division. "He was very humble and apologetic. He knows the way he behaved was wrong and he has been in the changing room after the game and apologised to the players.

"He asked them if they wanted him back and they all said yes. Lawrence is an exceptional young goalkeeper and it's important he learns from this little mishap and it will benefit his career going forward. It did happen and I thought it was brilliant banter, but in the context it was the wrong way to go about it."

While paying the £50 fine for showing up late all in pennies may seem a cute show of dissent, it's also a rather unprofessional move for a young player trying to establish himself in the game. Given the fine was reportedly originally set at £150 only for his teammates to ask for it to be lowered makes it worse.

It all appears water under the bridge now, though. Vigouroux has apologised, presumably paid his fine in something other than pennies, and been welcomed back by his teammates. As you were, then.

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