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Could Liverpool Loan Origi After Sturridge Return?

Reports indicate that a January move could be in the cards.

Romain Perrocheau/Getty Images

20-year-old striker Divock Origi spent last season on loan in France to develop his game. He was supposed to return to Liverpool as a useful fringe player who could give the team energy in cup matches and European affairs, but so far this season he hasn't seen much playing time. With Daniel Sturridge set to re-enter the fold shortly, Origi's role is in danger of diminishing even more.

The Daily Mirror reports that if Sturridge stays healthy until January, Liverpool will consider loaning out Origi once again to allow him some much needed playing time. Given the additional presence of Christian Benteke and Danny Ings in the team, seeking more experience for the young forward wouldn't be the worst thing to do.

Liverpool remain in an advantageous position with Origi -- keep him around as a solid depth option or let him expand his talents elsewhere. Either way the future still looks bright.

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