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Comolli on Rodgers' "Massive Gamble" in the Summer

Comolli repeated and expanded his criticisms of Liverpool's business in the summer transfer window.

Enjoy it while it lasts Damien
Enjoy it while it lasts Damien
Michael Regan/Getty Images

Damien Comolli likes talking about Liverpool and transfers. He still has a problem with how things ended and defended his Liverpool transfer business earlier in the year. There was also a bit of criticism aimed at FSG in trying to support his work at the club. Before the season started, Comolli mentioned that Liverpool could run into problems after signing, in his view, too many players in the summer transfer window. After two disappointing defeats, the club's former director of football waded into the issue once again in an interview with Talksport.

I said before the beginning of the season that it is a massive gamble to change as many players as they did in the summer, as they did last summer. If you look at Saturday, the two full backs are new - and the left back is not a left back. In midfield, for me there are two new players, because though Can has been at the club for a while he has never played in midfield, and then the front three were all new players as well. That's seven new players, and in reality they looked like they'd never played together before, which makes sense. There were people playing out of position, players like Firmino who haven't had a proper pre-season with the team. It's going to take time, but I've said previously that it was a huge gamble, after they'd taken a huge gamble last season, and it is going to be difficult. And by the time they do start to gel, if they do, other teams will have a lot of points.

He went on to discuss Liverpool's next three fixtures including "two massive games at home" as well as rubbishing the two victories attained last month. He may be right that Liverpool were on the right side of fortune in beating Stoke City and AFC Bournemouth, but Liverpool signed some very good players in the summer. The Frenchman is only 42 and should probably be more invested in finding a position to show how clever he is instead of engaging in routine sour grapes about Liverpool.

Comolli was linked with the Sheffield Wednesday job earlier in the year so hopefully another big position comes along soon for a keen eye for players such as Stewart Downing and Charlie Adam. Yes, he identified a number of good players for Tottenham Hotspur and Liverpool, but yeah... Andy Carroll.

If anyone wishes to listen to Comolli share his transfer wisdom, the full interview can be found on Talksport. I suppose he's only providing his opinion on former clubs as he may be able to provide more insight, but he just needs to be quiet about matters in an area where he clearly wasn't a success at the club. Neither the gravitas nor the sizeable contribution to Liverpool's history exists for any credible judgement on his former club's transfer record.

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