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West Brom Reportedly Back Away from José Enrique Deal

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José Enrique wasn't wanted for very long it seems.

And he knows it.
And he knows it.
Jan Kruger/Getty Images

Sunderland entered the race for José Enrique after it appeared that the 29-year-old left back was headed to West Bromwich Albion. Now it looks like West Brom have backed away from a deal for Enrique for reasons not yet known.

A deal for what James Pearce described as "a nominal fee" in his Liverpool Echo report only needed a medical and personal terms to be successfully negotiated between Enrique's representatives and West Brom. It could be one of those two areas that contributed to a breakdown in a potential deal. There have been competing reports that a deal is close to completion, but it's part of the madness of deadline day where any little slither of news constitutes major developments. A player walked, a player talked, a player balked. All part of the game.

It would be nice if Enrique found a place where he can play and apply himself as a professional footballer once again as he would be useful for a number of Premier League clubs. More on this deal and all things related to José Enrique as it comes through.