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Rumor Mongering: Kuba Błaszczykowski to Replace Lazar Markovic?

Brendan Rodgers may be in for the Borussia Dortmund winger. It's not a new rumor for Liverpool, but that doesn't make the name Błaszczykowski any easier to spell.

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Seconds before impact.
Seconds before impact.
Martin Rose/Getty Images

Having created a squad need in the wide and attacking midfield positions by loaning Lazar Markovic, Brendan Rodgers has realized he might have a squad need in the wide and attacking midfield positions. And long serving Borussia Dortmund winger, Jakub "Kuba" Blaszczykowski, is being recycled for the second time in a week as an option Liverpool are looking at.

29 years old now, Kuba's always turned heads for his pace. Steady dose of flying to the byline and hitting crosses in is the how the Polish international likes to play. The current billing is as a £10m move. This would be a remarkable waste of time and money having just let £20m Lazar Markovic--a player who already surpasses Kuba's level--go out on loan for the year.

This would also be a frustrating way to follow up the 0-3 loss to West Ham yesterday for many Liverpool fans. Yet the plain reality is that Liverpool look a little short in this wide attacker area now. Doubly so if there are any more loans or sales from a position group boasting its share of players that are either in need of seasoning, or are not a part of the plans for the year. That adds a little more credence to what would be a typical transfer window wheel spinner.

Tuesday's transfer deadline is coming up and there appear to be a few massive deals left in this window that will undoubtedly ignite a flurry of smaller moves. We'll see if Kuba Blaszczykowski to Liverpool becomes one. Now let's sit back and watch a bit of what Rodgers may potentially be seeing in the guy.

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