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Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Tottenham Hotspur Target Reds Striker

In what might be the daftest rumour of the summer, reports in Italy claim Fabio Borini is a transfer target of Tottenham Hotspur.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Fabio Borini is still, somewhat miraculously, a Liverpool player. The club have been trying to offload him for two summers now, he’s been sent to train in isolation for the past month, and reports have claimed numerous potential suitors from West Ham to Roma to Fiorentina to Lazio to Sunderland. And that’s just this summer.

You can now add another name to the list. At least if you can stop laughing long enough to note it down. That’s because reports in Italy claim Borini is now Plan B for Tottenham should their attempts to land West Ham’s Saido Berahino end in failure. If there’s any truth at all to this rumour, though, more than a few Spurs and Liverpool fans will be surprised.

Borini might once upon a time have been an interesting prospect for Spurs to take on, but a solid year on loan with Sunderland followed by a season stuck with the reserves back at Liverpool don’t make a case for a player they’d want at this point. It is, simply put, a quite ludicrous proposition, this idea Spurs might want to pay good money for Borini.

Even if they were willing to for some inconceivable reason—say, for the sake of argument, that acquiring Borini is the final step to Daniel Levy getting Spurs into the top four as outlined in the Necronomicon he got in exchange for Gareth Bale—there’s still the small matter of Borini probably wouldn’t sign for them. That’s sort of Borini’s thing.

Still, the idea that Spurs might actually be after Borini, even as a Plan B, is entertaining. At least until the fact there are rumours of such reminds you that he’s still, somehow, a Liverpool player. So thanks for that, reports in Italy.

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