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Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Lacazette Links Resurface

Rumour in France has Alexandre Lacazette seeking a move and Liverpool a possible destination. The club would be irresponsible to not at least look into the possibility.

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With Liverpool seeming to focus all their energies on Christian Benteke, it has seemed in recent weeks as though there is only one possible outcome this summer to the Reds’ striker hunt. The only question has been whether Liverpool could talk Aston Villa down from their demand that anyone wanting him would have to pay his £32.5M release clause in full.

Now, though, rumours in France that have since made their way north across the English Channel and into the London tabloids, suggest that Alexandre Lacazette could in fact be an option. It will likely seem an unrealistic daydream of a link to most Liverpool fans, but then if you’d told them last month the club would sign Roberto Firmino they would almost certainly have been similarly skeptical.

Previously, Lyon signalled they were determined not to sell, but with contract negotiations between club and player stalling comes word that Lacazette is increasingly unhappy and considering handing in a transfer request in an attempt to force a move away. And with many of Europe’s major Champions League sides not in desperate need of striker help, Liverpool might just be a viable destination.

The frontrunners, should Lacazette move, still appear to be Paris Saint-Germain, but the Premier League does still continue to have far more drawing power than Ligue 1, and that could swing Lacazette towards Anfield despite the lack of Champions League football. It’s almost certainly a long shot, but as long shots go it’s hard to imagine one that would be more universally exciting to Liverpool fans.

With the Euro at the lowest point it’s been in years, Liverpool could also have an advantage both when it comes to the transfer fee and wages if they go shopping on the continent. Last summer, a Pound bought around 1.2 Euros. This summer, it buys closer to 1.4. Put the other way around, Christian Benteke’s £32.5M buyout clause amounted to €39M Euros last summer. This summer it’s €45M.

Given past reports that Lyon would consider selling Lacazette for €35M, and Liverpool would be foolish not to at least make an effort for the player if his relationship with Lyon has broken down. They might not get him, but it would be irresponsible to not at least try. And after landing Firmino last month, one never does know what might happen.

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