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Danny Ings Fee to Be Set by Tribunal After Liverpool and Burnley Can't Reach Compromise

Danny Ings is officially a Liverpool player and will join training tomorrow, but how much Liverpool end up paying for him is now certain to be decided by tribunal.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

A month ago, reports suggested Burnely were determined to take the Danny Ings case to tribunal. but many at Liverpool had continued to hope a compromise could be reached. With July 1st coming and going without one, Ings is now a Liverpool player—one set to join up with his new teammates tomorrow following a summer spent with the England U21s—and there was, clearly, no compromise reached.

Liverpool had hoped they might have found one when they offered Burnley £6M for Ings, not far off the £7M The Clarets had reportedly been demanding towards the end of the season. Buoyed by a £12M offer from Spurs, though, they responded to that offer by demanding £10M from Liverpool, which has been refused. A tribunal to set the fee Liverpool will pay for Ings could take up to six months to take place.

However, it won’t in the meantime prevent him playing for Liverpool. The player became a free agent, his Burnley contract expired, on July 1st and was allowed to sign on with his new club. And July 1st wasn’t even a hard deadline for the two clubs to agree a compromise over a fee—it was simply the first date Burnley could have asked for a tribunal to set the compensation fee they would be owed.

They didn’t move to seek one straight away, but Burnley are now, and while there is no word yet from the FA as to when the tribunal might be scheduled, in the end that is how Ings’ fee will be decided. It also seems clear his fee would, at its lowest, be the £6M Liverpool offered in the end. At its highest, it could match the £12M Spurs offered, though a more likely maximum is the £10M Burnley asked for.

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