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Fabio Borini “Evaluating” His Liverpool Future

Despite reports West Ham had backed off the player, Fabio Borini's agent claims there are clubs interested in his client and that he is evaluating his options—including staying at Liverpool.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Recent reports had West Ham backing out of an attempt to land Fabio Borini, with the striker’s wage demands reportedly the stumbling block. It’s become something of a common thread with the 24-year-old striker, with club after club showing interest only to see Borini price himself out of a move.

He did it with Sunderland and QPR last summer, and at the time it was easy to see it as a player giving himself a vote of confidence, signalling he believed he could make it at Liverpool. This year, though, he has reportedly scared off Lazio and the Hammers, and it’s increasingly difficult to understand what Borini’s end game is.

Now, though, agent Marco de Marchi has spoken about his client’s future, insisting that Borini is exploring his options. He also leaves open the possibility of the player remaining at Liverpool, though, and so in the end it really doesn’t say a whole lot of anything. Borini could stay; Borini could go; Borini is considering his options.

"We have spoken to Fiorentina," de Marchi told the Italian press, confirming yet another potential suitor for Borini. "But we are evaluating everything carefully. Fabio will also decide based on Liverpool’s needs. We’re looking for an important project, in Italy or elsewhere, but for the moment he doesn’t have a preference."

Borini is currently training at Melwood after being left off the club’s pre-season tour, which—no matter whether one agrees with how Borini has been handled over the years—should probably tell the player and his agent all they need to know about how Liverpool see their needs.

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