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Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Lazio Want Mamadou Sakho

Lazio are believed to be preparing an offer to take Mamadou Sakho to Serie A on loan.

Simply majestic.
Simply majestic.
Robertus Pudyanto/Getty Images

Before this story is dismissed as the spurious nonsense that it really is, does anyone get the feeling that Brendan Rodgers doesn't quite rate Mamadou Sakho? This could be part of the the immense frustration with the presence of Dejan Lovren in the squad, because instead of Sakho being the club's undisputed first-choice centre back with others jostling to partner him, it seems like Sakho is fighting for a spot alongside Martin Škrtel. With all due respect to Škrtel and his new contract, Sakho represents both the present and the future of the club. He is the club's most accomplished central defender in possession with the anticipation, intelligence, composure, and physicality to lead Liverpool's defence into a new decade.

What would you do if you were a sporting director of a football club? I'd look to see if Mamadou Sakho is available, and that's Igli Tare is believed to be doing for Lazio. Unsurprisingly, the proposal would be a loan for the 25-year-old. Did you expect anything else? Of course you didn't. The Daily Express picked up the story that was initially reported by La Lazio Siamo Noi. In short, the deal would be a loan with a clause to make the move permanent for a tuppence or two. The juicy and clandestine bit to the piece is the fact that Sakho's agent has been working in the shadows to meet "Lazio officials" while Sakho is smiling with cuddly animals and saying inspiring things on tour. Shocking actually.

The deal is extremely unlikely to happen as there is coherence in Liverpool's approach at the moment that is brimming with sense and a reasonable level of ambition. Good players are coming in, most of the club's key players have been retained, and another marquee signing is imminent. Then there's the manager confirming that no more defensive signings will be made. This all adds up to more than "extremely unlikely", but this evil is out there in the vast world of the internet so it must be addressed. Maybe the Italian club should make an offer for Everton's John Stones as he's supposed to be available for an affordable price. That could be worth a punt for the more speculative sporting directors out there.

Even those that don't rate Sakho would surely prefer him to start alongside Škrtel in light of the current options available to Brendan Rodgers. This isn't about sniping at Rodgers or Lovren, but more about affirming the belief in all things Mamadou Sakho. It is hoped that all concerned see better days with form, fitness, and fortune in 2015/16.

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