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Paul Lambert Sure of Benteke's Success at Liverpool

Christian Benteke's former manager believes that the striker will be successful at Liverpool FC.

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Liverpool have won all three pre-season games as expected with new signings making a positive early impression against somewhat modest opposition. The sight of new players provides hope for a potential revival in 201/16, but a top class striker was always required this summer. Brendan Rodgers' reported top target has been Aston Villa's Christian Benteke, and the Belgian international appears to be on the verge of moving to Liverpool. The medical was arranged and the payment structure was agreed for a player who can hopefully produce similar performances to the ones that have tormented Liverpool over the past three seasons.

Christian Beneke's likely future manager didn't want to talk about him, whereas the 24-year-old's former manager was more than happy to speak about what the player could bring to his prospective employers. Paul Lambert has managed Benteke for most of the the player's career in England and was unequivocal about the player's talents. Lambert's approach with Aston Villa wasn't exactly expansive and exploited his players' physical gifts on the counter attack.

"I think he is going to do great," Lambert said before revealing that he's the best manager to have private conversations with. "Christian phoned me yesterday and I had a good chat with him. I am delighted for him, he has got a move to a really big, big club. I hear reports that he can only score from cross balls. Well, Christian Benteke will score for Liverpool. The chances they create, he will score and, as Christian said yesterday, he is very good with his feet. I knew that anyway from signing him and I think he will be a terrific signing. He will score all types of goals. If you look at the way he plays, especially his first year at Aston Villa, where he was a phenomenon."

If the striker reproduces his 2012/13 form or starts the forthcoming season how he ended 2014/15 then Lambert won't look like a manager who is merely praising and supporting a former player.

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