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Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Borini Could End Up Stuck with Reds Again

Rumour has it West Ham are the latest club Fabio Borini has blocked a move to, and it could mean he’s stuck at Anfield again this year unless Liverpool decide to subsidise a loan.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Fabio Borini was linked with a move to Italy, with reliable reports claiming a deal had been agreed between Liverpool and Lazio for a season-long loan with a set purchase at the end of it. Borini, though, blocked the move by demanding wages the Serie A side could not match, and they withdrew their offer.

Now, rumour has it another potential suitor has backed off Borini due to wage demands, with the Daily Mail claiming West Ham are abandoning their pursuit of the striker. Late last month, reports claimed the Hammers were lining up an £8M bid for Borini, and fans were hopeful a London destination could tempt the striker.

It appears unlikely to pan out, though, at least if the rumours are to be believed. And while it might normally be hard to believe rumours from the Mail, when those rumours are that Fabio Borini has priced himself out of a move they’re all too easy to take at face value given the 24-year-old’s stalled transfer history.

It also adds up to a situation where it’s easy to see Borini stuck at Anfield as the transfer window winds down despite that it’s been made abundantly clear to the player he isn’t in Brendan Rodgers’ plans. Last summer, a case could be made Borini was brave to stay and fight for a place. This year, there is no positive way to spin it.

If Liverpool are willing to subsidise a temporary departure, though, there could be a home for Borini with David Moyes at Real Sociedad. After failing to land Danny Ings on a free when he instead signed for the Reds, rumour in Spain has Sociedad eyeing Borini as a stop-gap solution—if Liverpool will pay some of his wages.

It’s far from ideal, perhaps, but if it’s true Borini’s demands have scared off West Ham now, it could be all Liverpool are left with. At least if they don’t want to be stuck paying his entire wages for him to stick around at Anfield when he clearly isn’t wanted.

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