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Benteke Deal Held Up Over Payment Structure

Though there is no suggestion the deal is in jeopardy, Christian Benteke's move to Anfield appears to have been delayed by Liverpool's desire to negotiate a payment structure for the buyout.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Christian Benteke to Liverpool continues to look a matter of when, with various reports suggesting personal terms have been agreed in principle with the player and a medical could happen as soon as Monday. One problem, though, that appears to be slowing things down is that Liverpool are hoping to get Aston Villa to negotiate a payment structure.

The Reds, while having signalled they are ready and willing to match the £32.5M release clause, would rather not pay the whole thing up front, and they are hopeful that Villa will agree a payment structure for a transfer fee equal to Benteke’s release. Villa could always stand firm, but it would seem pointless for a club that will want to get down to the business of bringing in replacements and moving on.

Any spending Aston Villa embark on is likely to see them paying transfer fees in instalments rather than triggering buyout clauses up front, so there is little to be gained by them demanding his fee be paid all at once other than to drag things out a little longer. Unless they decide to let spite win out over sense, that doesn’t do them any good. Still, it’s an issue for the two sides to work through.

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