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Raheem Sterling Set to Become One of World’s Ten Richest Players

With reports a £200k contract offer is on the table, 20-year-old Raheem Sterling will become one of the richest players in all of football when he completes his move to Manchester City. No pressure.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

With a fee agreed on Sunday and the player free to discuss terms and undergo a medical, it appears the deal to send Raheem Sterling from Liverpool to Manchester City is quickly moving towards done. That’s because it’s now widely expected the player will sign a £200k per week deal with the citizens, leaving only the medical and Sterling’s signature holding things up.

That works out to over £10M a year, and over a five year deal means City’s investment in Sterling is just about the £100M Manuel Pelegrini said in the Spring it might take to get him. It would also make Sterling not just one of England’s highest paid players and on higher wages than any current Liverpool player, but also one of the richest in all of football, a distinction few would say he is yet close to earning.

Only four English players make a higher base salary: Manchester United’s Wayne Rooney is on an exorbitant £300k and Robin van Persie gets £250k, while City’s own KoloYaya Toure is on £240k and Sergio Aguero gets £225k. David Silva reportedly makes the same £200k a week Sterling will get, as do Eden Hazard and Cesc Fabregas at Chelsea and Angel di Maria at Manchester United.

Every other player in England will now be making less money than Sterling come next season. He will be tied for number five. Sterling may be a world class talent, but he’s not anywhere close to actually being world class just yet, and even more than the £49M transfer fee that seems an awfully large commitment from City for a player who remains more promise than proven—at least at wages like that.

In Spain, meanwhile, Lionel Messi earns around £275k per week while Christiano Ronaldo earns £250k and Gareth Bale earns £220k. Everybody else, including the likes of Neymar and former Reds teammate Luis Suarez, make less than Sterling will be getting. Nobody in Germany or Italy will be making as much as Raheem Sterling will be once his transfer to Manchester City is finalised.

Fifth highest paid player in England. Tied for the eighth highest salary in all of professional football. For a 20-year-old with a total of 23 goals in 129 appearances so far in his career. The expectations, and the pressure for him to be an instant superstar for City, will rightly be extreme.

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