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Gerrard Blasts Sterling As Manchester City Prepare Third Bid

When the world was a better place
When the world was a better place
Michael Regan/Getty Images

The Raheem Sterling transfer saga continues to be bizarre, and his insistence on skipping out on training this week has taken the drama to new heights. He's a player seemingly destined for stardom, but given the route he has decided to embark on, he's also on track to become a villain in the eyes of Liverpool supporters.

Liverpool legend Steven Gerrard is not happy with Sterling's antics, and he expressed his displeasure to Sky Sports. "I'm not happy with all that carry-on and I don't think there's any need for it," Gerrard said. "Raheem needs to go in and speak to the owners and to Brendan himself, tell them what he wants and go about it that way. You don't have to throw illnesses in and refuse to go on tour."

"There are millions and millions of Liverpool fans around the world who are itching to see Raheem Sterling in a Liverpool kit. So I don't think it's fair on them if he is behaving like that."

Sterling's behavior alone is unlikely to break Liverpool's resolve, as the club showed itself to be strong during the somewhat similar Luis Suarez transfer hubbub of two summers ago. However, the Daily Mail reports that Manchester City are ready to #swoop for Sterling with a transfer bid of more than £40m. Such an offer could persuade Liverpool to sell the 20-year-old malcontent, although they've shown little desire to offload him so far this summer.

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