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Sami Hyypiä Totally Psyched to Return to Liverpool if Only They'd Just Ask Him

Seriously, just ask the man. ASK THE MAN.

What has two thumbs, speaks limited northern European languages, and is really depressed she never saw these two play together? THIS DAME!
What has two thumbs, speaks limited northern European languages, and is really depressed she never saw these two play together? THIS DAME!
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Liverpool fired some coaches. Liverpool need to hire some new coaches. Sami Hyypiä is a coach who does not have a job. This is probably not the most difficult connect the dots you'll ever do, but if for some reason you struggle with children's puzzles: wouldn't Sami Hyypiä be a great fit for one of the vacant coaching positions at Liverpool FC?

It's something fans have been enthusing about even prior to Colin Pascoe and Mike Marsh being let go. Liverpool's defensive woes last season were a constant source of aggravation, and with Hyypiä resigning his post at Brighton & Hove Albion last December, fans were salivating at the idea of the fabulous Finn returning to Anfield to instill a little defensive discipline on Liverpool's back line.

"It would be great to work for a club which I love," said Hyypiä when asked if he'd be open to a return to the club. "I would definitely be interested if Liverpool think I could help them. I have great memories of my time at the club.

"My rise in management was rapid and I have been thinking a lot about things while I have been out. If there were no interesting opportunities as a manager, then I would be ready to be an assistant. That sort of role would give me a lot of experience. It wouldn’t be a problem for me. I feel ready to go into football again. You look at yourself and I am enthusiastic about getting back into the game."

The big Finn started his managerial career at Bayer Leverkusen, where he was fired after two seasons for finishing fourth in the Bundesliga in 2013/14. His move to Brighton was short lived after a series of poor results found the Seagulls in the relegation zone of the Championship at during the busy festive period, although club ownership were unhappy to accept his resignation.

Hyypiä hasn't been in management so long that it's an unconventional move to consider an assistant role again. The chance to move back to a club he loves is clearly a major factor, and the learning opportunities that will emerge in 2015/16 — oh, so many learning opportunities! — can only help him as he develops his coaching chomps. Liverpool haven't yet approached Hyypiä for the job, but there are few more obvious choices Liverpool could make this summer.

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