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Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Lazio Express Interest in Fabio Borini

Could this be the summer that Fabio Borini moves on from Liverpool FC? Lazio are certainly hoping it is.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Fabio Borini's is a tale of woe combined with stubbornly missed opportunities. Introduced to Liverpool fans on Being: Liverpool as the nomadic Italian youngster hoping to find a club to make a home at, things have not exactly panned out in the three years since the ill-advised multi-part documentary aired in 2012.

After a successful loan spell in 2013-14 with Sunderland, Borini returned to Liverpool determined to force his way into a squad where injury and said loan spell had prevented him from ever making any real impact. But Brendan Rodgers clearly had no interest in keeping Borini on, and though the club was ready to accept a generous £14m bid for the player, Borini himself turned them down in order to focus on Liverpool.

It was an understandable choice for Borini. For a player so clearly wanting to lay down roots somewhere, moving to Sunderland after having met and fallen in love with a local Liverpudlian was likely the last thing he wanted. The pair spent a great deal of time in Borini's home country, with the pair eventually marrying in Italy recently.

It seems natural, then, that if Borini were to finally move on from Liverpool, it would be to an Italian club. The striker hd been linked loosely with a move back to Italy over the past year, but S.S. Lazio have allegedly targeted the youngster as someone they'd like to bring into their ranks in the coming season. Lazio finished 3rd in Serie A, but with their top scorer Miroslav Klose turning thirty-seven next week, Lazio need to begin considering options beyond the inhumanly fit Klose.

Shockingly, Borini managed to make 18 appearances for Liverpool this season, although most of those were from the bench. It's been clear to everyone except Borini that he hasn't factored into Brendan Rodgers' plans for quite some time now. With the manager set to stay on next season, we may finally be coming to the end of Borini's time with Liverpool.

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