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Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: West Ham Offer £8M for Borini

Rumour has it that West Ham are putting the finishing touches on an £8M offer for Fabio Borini. If true, it's hard to see Liverpool taking long to agree to a sale of the unwanted striker.

Michael Steele/Getty Images

Last summer, that a pair of clubs might offer upwards of £12M for Fabio Borini seemed faintly ridiculous. Liverpool might have paid £10.5M to bring him back to England two summers earlier, but few thought he’d done enough to raise his price tag. Still, if Sunderland and QPR wanted to hand the club a profit for a player they didn’t especially want to keep, it was great news.

Only Borini didn’t see it that way, choosing instead to stay and fight for his place. It seemed either brave or foolish at the time. In retrospect, it seems a colossal mistake, one that has serious damaged the 24-year-old striker’s career. Borini seems to realise as much, and has signalled he’s now ready to move, but after a season stuck on the bench and with it clear Liverpool are desperate to sell, most have expected only lowball offers.

West Ham, though, apparently didn’t get the memo about him hardly having played and being completely unwanted. At least if rumours now being pushed by a number of English outlets are to be believed. Rumours saying the Hammers are putting the finishing touches on an £8M bid for the Italian-born, English-trained striker. And not to put too fine a point on it, but if there’s any truth to the rumour, Liverpool will be overjoyed.

The rumoured £8M may be a loss on what the club paid for Borini and less than they could have gotten for him last summer, but realistically it’s more than they will have expected to recoup. Even if a couple of those million are performance or appearance based add-ons, it’s a frankly absurd fee for West Ham to consider offering for a player that might be had for half that if a club that wants him is willing to wait a little bit.

If West Ham are convinced he’s the answer for them, though, then perhaps it makes sense. Sunderland and QPR’s offers last summer might have been high, but based on what Borini showed while on loan at the Black Cats in 2013-14 he’s probably worth the £8M West Ham are rumoured to be willing to stump up. Perhaps, then, it’s better to offer a fee they can be certain Liverpool will accept now than sit and wait for a better bargain.

And in that case, perhaps it’s a win-win for everybody. Liverpool get a better fee than they were probably hoping for, Borini gets a new home at a club who clearly rate him, and West Ham get in the striker they want in time for pre-season. Still, it’s hard not to look at the rumour and wonder that West Ham doesn’t see better value on the market elsewhere and has landed on Borini at £8M as the priority.

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