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Danny Ward to Spend Season on Loan at Aberdeen

Fresh off of signing a brand new five-year contract with Liverpool, young goalkeeper Danny Ward is heading out on loan to get some first team experience.

There are very few pictures of this kid.
There are very few pictures of this kid.
Chris Brunskill/Getty Images

Liverpool fans have been riding a somewhat unfamiliar wave of Everything's the Best in the past week, but positive signings and exciting transfer rumours haven't yet quelled the reality that there are other spots in Liverpool's depth chart that still need addressing. Goalkeeper has been a well-publicized sore spot in the last year, and with Brad Jones parting ways with the club, many have hoped for Liverpool to improve their fortunes between the sticks.

One player who will not be contributing to that improvement next season is young shot-stopper Danny Ward. Though Ward recently signed a five year contract with Liverpool, the twenty-two year-old will be heading north to Scotland where he'll spend the season with Aberdeen FC in order to get some first team minutes. Like Liverpool, Aberdeen wavered between two keepers last season, but longtime starter Jamie Langfield was benched midway through the season and seems to be entering the twiglight of his career, having been awarded a testimonial and consideration for a goalkeeping coach job.

Few would have expected Ward to rack up significant minutes at Liverpool this season, so it's a decent move for the player's own development. For fans back at home, though, there remains the concern as to whether or not Simon Mignolet has sufficient competition at his position. Liverpool signed ginger giant Adam Bogdan earlier this month, but few have been enthusiastic about the signing in general, let alone in the context of wishing for an upgrade over Brad Jones.

Whether another keeper is on the list of players to sign over the course of the summer is unclear, though the Echo believe Brendan Rodgers feels he now has sufficient coverage with the arrival of Bogdan. Liverpool still have other pressing concerns, but the goalkeeper situation as it stands is likely to still cause some consternation amongst fans.

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