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Liverpool Prepared to Bid £25 Million For Benteke, Per Report

You know the way that a room goes dead silent when everyone's joking around and having fun and then that one person tries to join in and it kills the mood? That's this.

Mark Thompson/Getty Images

There are certain transfers unify a fanbase, and Liverpool's signing of Roberto Firmino earlier this week was one of those moves. You'd be hard pressed to find a single complaint about that transfer, despite the generally toxic and rather absurd nature of life on the Internet. Liverpool's pursuit of Christian Benteke has unified supporters in a different way, as there's a widespread "don't you dare spend a ridiculous amount of money on this guy" mentality that the vast majority of Liverpool fans seem to hold.

The masses will be disappointed then by a new report that suggests that Liverpool have renewed their interest in the Aston Villa striker and are set to make a new bid for the player. The Mirror believes that Liverpool are ready to test Villa with a bid "in excess of £25 Million." However, they are quick to point out that Villa are holding out for Benteke's £32.5 Million release clause to be triggered.

Even though Benteke is probably a bit better than many give him credit for, £25 Million is simply too much money to spend on what he has to offer. It's unwise for Liverpool to make such a bid, especially when other options such as Carlos Bacca are still on the market.

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