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Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Higuain Clause Will Deter Liverpool Interest

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27-year-old Napoli striker Gonzalo Higuain has been a pipe dream for Liverpool fans for much of the past few seasons, as news outlets have kept hope of a potential transfer alive with persistent rumor mongering. Higuain is a prolific goal scorer, netting 53 times in his first two seasons in Italy, and he'd be a perfect fit in a Liverpool team that needs another proven forward.

Buying Higuain was always a long shot given his importance to Napoli, but an official statement from Napoli has crushed all hope of acquiring him.

"Napoli are keen to clarify certain articles, published in some newspapers, about the departure of Higuain," a statement by Napoli read. "The official clarification from Napoli is the following: there is a clause in Gonzalo Higuain's contract. The clause is €94,736,000 (£66m)."

"There have been no bids. Anyone who wants the player will have to pay the club that amount."

You read that right -- £66 million to purchase Higuain. He's a great player, but there's no way that Liverpool can afford that kind of fee. Sorry faint Higuain hope, it was nice knowing you. But it's time to leave.