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Coutinho and Firmino Together “Can Change Liverpool”

Coutinho and Firmino together can change Liverpool’s fortunes and get the club back in the Champions League according to Brazilian midfield legend Ronaldinho, who both players look to as their idol.

Coming off a 2013-14 where Liverpool scored more than one hundred goals, last season was something of a dispiriting crash to earth for Brendan Rodgers’ side. Still porous at the back but no longer able to score in the attack, the loss of Luis Suarez to Barcelona and Daniel Sturridge to injury added up to a disappointing sixth place finish.

If there was one bright spot from start to finish, though, it was Philippe Coutinho, who came into his own as a creative force in a side that far too often failed to capitalise on his creation. Now, though, he’s set to get a bit of help with the arrival of Roberto Firmino, another Brazilian creative force in the middle of the park, and it has Brazil legend Ronaldinho excited to see what they can do together.

"For Liverpool to have Coutinho and Firmino is a big achievement," said Ronaldinho, who both of Liverpool’s creative Brazilians have in the past point to as their primary footballing idol. "It’s going to give them one of the most exciting midfields in Europe. The creativity, intelligence, and goals they have between them can change Liverpool as a team. It is a big sign of intent."

Both have shown signs of linking up well together as their recent club form has helped them to force their way into the Brazilian national team set up, and a number of sources in Brazil have suggested Coutinho played a key role in selling Liverpool as the right destination for Firmino. Now the only question is whether the Reds can bring in a striker to finish off what they create.

Rumours linking the club seriously to fellow South American and Colombian Copa America star Carlos Bacca would certainly seem to suggest that the club are on the right track and could once again have one of the most dangerous attacking forces in European football next season. No matter who they bring in, though, Ronaldinho is convinced that Coutinho and Firmino together is a recipe for success.

"To have a midfield with those two in it gives them a big chance to qualify for the Champions League next season," he added. "It will be a dream for the Liverpool strikers to have that sort of service. If you can’t score goals in a team with Coutinho and Firmino in midfield then you won’t score goals in any team. They will create so many chances."

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