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Gomez Looking Forward to Opportunities Under Rodgers' Management

Despite lingering uncertainty about Brendan Rodgers' status as manager, new signing Joe Gomez highlighted the importance of the fourth-year boss' record of bringing young talent along in his decision to sign for Liverpool.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

It wasn't the signing Liverpool supporters were waiting for, but sentiment toward the deal to bring Joe Gomez to Merseyside was at least more positive than when the club announced agreements for Adam Bogdan and Danny Ings. Gomez is the fourth signing of the summer for Liverpool, and while he represents something of an unknown quantity for most, as more information about his talent emerged, there was a more positive feeling toward the decision to bring him in at a reasonable fee.

For the player it appeared a no-brainer, with early reports indicating that he preferred a move to Liverpool and the efficiency of the process bearing that out. Gomez highlighted his excitement at joining the club after his transfer was confirmed on Saturday afternoon, and highlighted the role of Brendan Rodgers in choosing Liverpool ahead of the likes of Borussia Dortmund, Manchester City, and Arsenal:

"Being a young player, I know that opportunities can be slim sometimes. But under a manager like Brendan, it speaks for itself. That's why I was really keen to come here and play under him. I have met him once and he seemed really nice. It made me want to come here even more really. He just told me how good it is here and how he thinks he can help me get better, the opportunities I would get - things that would make me want to come to Liverpool.

"All the close people around me - my mum, my dad, brothers and sisters and all my family - have been really supportive. They knew I really wanted to come here and they have backed me all the way. So it was an easy decision."

It's generally accepted that Gomez likely won't have the chance to work with Rodgers during his first season at the club, with most expecting the young defender to spend a season on loan in England's second division. And, given the fragile hold Rodgers appears to have on his role as manager and the gauntlet his squad will endure during the first few months of the 2015-2016 campaign, Gomez might never get the chance to feature under Rodgeres.

Still, it's nice to see a player clearly drawn to the club, and regardless of whether or not Rodgers and Gomez spend much time working together, it serves as a nice reminder that there is something special about Liverpool and, like it or not, a manager who is rightfully viewed as an advocate for young players.

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