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Lacazette Rules Out Liverpool Move

If there was any hope that Alexandre Lacazette might move to Liverpool this summer, the player’s declaration that he will only move to a Champions League club appears to end it.

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Alexandre Lacazette was a transfer target last summer, and in retrospect it’s a signing Liverpool should have pushed through even if it meant paying a higher transfer fee or wages than they had hoped. This summer, with Lacazette more proven, there have again been whispers of Liverpool interest. It appears, though, that it is too late for the French striker to consider an Anfield move.

Liverpool’s window to sign Lacazette lasted one summer. According to Lyon’s president, who said yesterday Lacazette would never move to Liverpool due to the club not being in the Champions League, they missed it. Now the player has echoed his owner’s words, though without going out of his way to single out Liverpool in the process as Jean-Michel Aulas did by suggesting the rumours were "trash" and nothing more.

"I have not made a decision," Lacazette told Le Parisien today, though as he clarified his position, it quickly became clear that even if he doesn’t know exactly where he will be next year, he has already ruled out a few destinations. "I will go on holiday, leave it to my agent to discuss things, and decide after that. Everything will depend on the destination, but if I move it will have to be for a Champions League club."

It’s disappointing, but it’s hardly a surprise. Lacazette is now 24 years of age, had one of the best seasons of any striker in Europe, and if he is to move on from Lyon is ready to go to a top club. Liverpool, a year after looking as though they were on the verge of once again becoming one, clearly are not. That is the simple reality, and it’s not a situation where Liverpool could even try throwing money at him to try and change Lacazette’s mind.

If Karim Benzema moves on from Real Madrid, Lacazette could become the top striker target for the Spanish giants. At present, there are rumours of Arsenal interest. At home, big spenders PSG are looking to overhaul the attack. That is the level of club Lacazette appears ready to move to. Liverpool, quite simply, missed the boat when they failed last summer to properly address the departure of Luis Suarez.

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