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Liverpool Consider Move for Roberto Firmino

The Brazilian international is set for a move to the Premier League this summer, but Liverpool may attempt to seal a deal for the Hoffenheim star ahead of Manchester United.

Daniel Kopatsch/Getty Images

The last news on this came a couple of days ago from a Brazilian media source called Globo. Any deal for Roberto Firmino would have to be no less than £18 million instead of the £13 million bandied around last week. The Daily Mirror have pushed out a story that Liverpool will make a late move to capture the Hoffenheim star just as Manchester United are about to tie things up. That would be as dramatic as it'd be unlikely.

Is this a case of that favourite fast food joint of your where food is heated and reheated for maximum greasy delight? Liverpool are believed to monitoring the situation with Brendan Rodgers, he who has been silent as if his watch has ended, considering outbidding Manchester United. Yes, you read that correctly. Liverpool outbidding Manchester United? The world is also a rhombus.

Well, a story from Paul Joyce of the Daily Express has just popped up so there's potential for something to happen here. Joyce is a journalist who tends to be less sensationalist and more reliable, so the interest in the player could be genuine. According to Joyce's report, the deal for the 23-year-old is not dependent on the sale of Raheem Sterling, a player pursued by Manchester City. Liverpool will supposedly make a decision next week on whether to turn monitoring into something more tangible. The player's representative, Roger Wittmann, has said that Firmino will play in the Premier League next season.

A lot would need to happen before a deal could be completed, especially with Manchester United reportedly interested in such a talented player. Liverpool's great rival can offer more money and Champions League football, but this would be the type of signing to satisfy the cravings of an increasingly nervous and despondent fanbase.

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