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Fabio Borini Ready to Prove Himself Elsewhere

Fabio Borini's agent has spoken again on the player's future at Liverpool.

He's behind you!
He's behind you!
Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Fabio Borini had two chances to leave for first-team football last summer with generous offers from Sunderland and Queens Park Rangers for his services. He decided to stay to fight for his place but hardly featured last season. In short, it was a waste for the 24-year-old with only 394 Premier League minutes and a single goal in a disappointing campaign.

A lack of opportunities can't have been unexpected given the club's willingness to sell the player, and the problems in the striking department in 2014/15 was telling. If Brendan Rodgers won't turn to you with a lack of options, it's time to go. Marco De Marchi has always been surprisingly frank about his client's situation, but seems unimpressed with Liverpool.

Fabio wants a new experience. We expected more consideration from Liverpool. There are teams from all over Europe interested in him. Top clubs in Europe are keen on him, from the Premier League to the Bundesliga and there also clubs in Italy, but many clubs in Italy have had coaching changes and that has slowed things down. He has no preference, he just wants a team that gives him a clear chance to prove himself. Right now he feels like a lion in a cage. His current value is that given by Sunderland last year. However, that figure could be affected by the season he's had at Liverpool and the fact that in a year his contract runs out. For the time being, everything is on standby as the player is currently on his honeymoon but will return shortly.

If Fabio Borini is so sought after and desired, leaving shouldn't be a problem. The player is likeable, hard-working, and can do a decent job in top leagues. Both player and agent entered decided to turn down overs with this current situation likely from the club's stance last summer. Their collective role cannot be underestimated, and it is only right that the club seek an appropriate fee for his services. What that fee should be seems to be a source of contention, but Liverpool won't accept loan offers.

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