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Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Chelsea Consider Lowball Sterling Bid

Rumour has it Chelsea would quite like Raheem Sterling. But that they wouldn't like to pay £50M for him. Which rather adds up to a rumour that isn't likely to amount to anything in the end.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Raheem Sterling and his agent want a summer move away from Liverpool, but so far they have had little luck lining up a potential destination. Bayern Munich and Real Madrid have both distanced themselves from any speculation about the player’s future, and of the big English clubs, only Manchester City has so far shown any signs of actually moving for him.

The rumour of the day being pushed by Sky, though, is that Chelsea are considering a bid. However, they claim that under no circumstance would Chelsea be willing to meet the £50M fee Liverpool are holding out for, which rather puts a damper on said rumours. Still, the suggestion is that they will be keeping an eye on Manchester City’s efforts and could enter the race if it looks as though Liverpool might be willing to deal for less.

One imagines that would please the Sterling camp, who—or so the rumours go—has always wanted a return to London by way of either Chelsea or the Gunners. It’s hardly likely to make much of a difference to Liverpool’s valuation, though, as the promise of training compensation set to the player’s market value should he depart in 2017 for another English side means there’s little motivation for Liverpool to sell for less.

In other circumstances, Liverpool might well be forced into a deal to avoid losing the player for nothing in two seasons. In these circumstances, and with Sterling’s low wages—as well as with the club having recently shown in the case of Luis Suarez that they’re quite willing to stick to their guns when it comes to a want-away player—there really is nothing that would motivate the club to take less than their valuation.

Still, Sky would like everybody to know that Chelsea really are interested in Sterling and really could enter into the bidding if things unfold in a very specific manner. It’s just they aren’t interested enough to pay a fee that would induce Liverpool to sell. So. As you were.

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