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Sources in England Insist Liverpool Have No Kovacic Interest

Reports out of Italy claim a nearly done deal, but with official denials and no confirmation from the Liverpool end, it's looking as though the Mateo Kovacic rumours may have no basis in reality.

Marco Luzzani/Getty Images

If one looks to papers on the continent, Mateo Kovacic to Liverpool is a done deal. A fee of around £16M has been agreed. The player’s representatives are talking contract details. Inter are hard at work lining up a splashy name to replace him with. Only the details remain to be sorted through before his move becomes official.

In England, though, there continues to be strong resistance to reports of a done deal in Italy and Croatia from those who claim to have sources within Anfield. The Mirror’s David Anderson cites a source within the club as having told him there is no Liverpool interest in Kovacic whatsoever. The Liverpool Echo call reports of a done deal "very strange."

Meanwhile, Marco Fassone, Inter Milan’s managing director, has today spoken out to calm fans—who had been planning protests over the reported Kovacic deal—and insisted the player will not be going anywhere. All of which adds up to disappointing news for Liverpool fans, many of whom were already nervous about the club’s summer transfer strategy.

For many, Kovacic had been an exciting target in a summer that has seen the club mostly linked with a string of free transfers and some largely less than captivating local talent. It appears, though, that his supposed transfer may have been a complete fabrication of the press in Italy and Croatia who have been trumpeting an impending deal for weeks.

English journalists with ties to the club have spent those weeks trying to get some kind of confirmation of the deal from Liverpool’s end. They’ve failed. And Inter’s managing director, now faced with protest threats, has unequivocally stated that Kovacic is staying. The most reasonable conclusion—perhaps the only reasonable one—is that there is no deal.

It’s not what Liverpool fans, already grumpy over a stew equal parts perceived lack of ambition, questionable past dealings, and a growing belief the club can no longer target the best will want to hear, but given where the rumours and reports have come from, it increasingly looks a simple case of Kovacic’s agent agitating for a better deal for his client.

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