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Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Manchester City Want £40 Million Sterling Deal

Manchester City are rumoured to be confident of securing Raheem Sterling for less than Liverpool's £50 million asking price.

Clive Brunskill/Getty Images

Another day and another slither of high-quality gossip for tortured souls who pledge allegiance to the Liverbird. Raheem Sterling is still at Liverpool, but an interested party is unwilling to meet Liverpool's "mouthwatering" or "hefty" asking price.

Manchester City have been one of the most prudent clubs in recent years, eschewing an approach to the transfer market where defenders are bought for ridiculous prices and fines are imposed after years of what Arséne Wengerhas described as "financial doping". Mock bitterness aside, the sky blue half of Manchester are not bad as clubs and fans go. The problem for Merseyside's finest is that the Premier League runners-up seem confident of snaring Liverpool's Golden Boy for £40 million, according to a report from the Daily Mail.

Fortunately, there was no indication of an additional pound or two accompanying this prospective offer, but anything that will stir John W Henry into Liverpool-related twitter activity might be worth it. Liverpool fans may feel following FSG's principal owner might still be of value after all, and the widespread mentioning of the man in disgruntled twitter activity may finally cease.

Other clubs are said to be interested, but a bidding war is unlikely. Presumably Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid, and Bayern Munich won't pay anywhere near that much or have other priorities to address first. Manchester United? Sit down and behave. Arsenal might sneak an offer in there though with Theo Walcott representing temptation that Brendan Rodgers would be unable to resist. The Arsenal part wasn't part of the report, just regard it as a TLO exclusive with nothing backing it up other than a hunch.

Would £40 million for Raheem Sterling be enough? No? What if it was a straight cash deal with no incentives, guaranteeing Liverpool £32 million for a 20-year-old after Queens Park Rangers take 20 per cent? That way Liverpool could buy Christian Benteke find an adequate replacement for whatever formation Rodgers is committed to deploying next season.

The contract rebel scamp has probably played his last game at Anfield, it's just a matter of how much Liverpool can get for him. Or maybe not. Maybe there'll be an unexpected twist like in Frailty or The Crying Game, but a second bid is for Sterling's services is imminent. If such as bid suitable enough, this transfer saga may be over sooner than some think.

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