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Liverpool FC Transfer Rumours: Reds to Bid £12m for Additional Injury Prone Striker

Stevan Jovetic is allowed to leave Manchester City this summer, and Liverpool are rumoured to be looking to secure his services quite cheaply.

"Yes, hello? Can you hear me now? Great. Now, about that whole being low in the pecking order thing..."
"Yes, hello? Can you hear me now? Great. Now, about that whole being low in the pecking order thing..."
Alex Livesey/Getty Images

When you can't score goals, it's easy to connect the dots between your club and all the strikers who might be available on the transfer market during the next window. Fans are reminded all too frequently that their own wants are sometimes subject to the wants of the many other pieces of the puzzle moving around trying to find a place where they fit, but the rumour mill is doing it's darndest to connect Liverpool with a variety of goal-scoring threats who could improve the club's goals for numbers next season.

One such striker is Stevan Jovetic, the only Montenegrin currently plying his trade in the Premier League, if the Mirror are to be believed. Jovetic made a £22m move from Fiorentina to Manchester City in July 2013 but a raft of injuries and the existing goal scoring depth at City have prevented the striker from staking any sort of meaningful claim on a starting position.

In the past Liverpool have sought to exploit the "quality player who can't get the time of day at his big expensive club" market when pursuing transfers, notably landing Daniel Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho this way. Jovetic certainly qualifies under this Island of Misfit Boys approach, having been unceremoniously dropped from City's Champions League squad during the knockout rounds in February, and at £12m it's certainly a cut rate price.

With Jovetic's injury history, questions will be asked as to why Liverpool are targeting a player who missed significant portions of the season two years running. It's anyone's guess whether it's a relatively cheap gamble that the club are taking in hopes that between Jovetic and Sturridge the club can Frankenstein together a single full time striker, but with Liverpool's limited transfer funds it's hard to see how spending a not insignificant chunk of that money on a frequently part-time player is necessarily the most prudent course of action .

Jovetic has five goals — two of which were scored against Liverpool — and three assists in league competition for Manchester City this season.

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