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Ings Move to Liverpool Dependent On Playing Time

The striker does not want to impede his own development by moving to the wrong club.

Dave Thompson/Getty Images

22-year-old Danny Ings may not be the hottest attacking prospect in Europe, but his nine league goals for Burnley this season have people in England excited about his potential. With his contract expiring after the season, many believe that Liverpool will pursue his services this summer.

Ings said in an interview with the Independent that he will only go to a team that will give him regular playing time, which is something that could favor Liverpool given the club's lack of quality depth at striker.

"One thing I don't want to do is go somewhere and, not rot, but all of a sudden disappear for a while," Ings said.

His concern is absolutely legitimate, as quite a few prospects over the past few years have jumped to big clubs only to never see the pitch.

Ings also said that he wants to play in an environment that will help him develop as a player.

"One thing I do want next year no matter where I am - and I don't know where that is going to be - is to work with a manager who is going to coach me and really develop me as a player," he said. "That's all you can ask for, to learn and be the best you can be."

"My main aim next year is, wherever I am, to play football and to enjoy it and develop. You don't want to have a good couple of years, come through the Championship, have a good first year in the Premier League and then not play in the Premier League for another year or so because that is a backward step."

Ings has put in an incredible amount of work to get to where he is now, and it's refreshing to hear that he's still committed to getting better rather than collecting a big paycheck and losing his ambition. If he does end up at Anfield, such a positive attitude will be welcomed.

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