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Rumour Mongering: Liverpool Plot Shock Move for Chelsea’s Oscar

Rumour has it Liverpool are going to make a move for Chelsea’s Oscar. It’s about as likely to actually happen as Raheem Sterling is to end up at Arsenal this summer.

Clive Mason/Getty Images

Jordan Henderson to Manchester City. Raheem Sterling to Arsenal. Sometimes, if you’re a Liverpool fan, you just have to roll your eyes at some of the patently ridiculous rumours the tabloids shamelessly try to spread around. Sometimes, though, it goes the other way, too, with rumours one imagines can only leave the fans of other clubs rolling their eyes in exasperation.

One such rumour, care of those bastions of journalistic integrity at The Metro, is that Liverpool are planning a shock summer raid of Chelsea for Oscar, the Blues’ feisty, diminutive playmaker. It seems about as likely to actually happen as Raheem Sterling is to join Arsene Wenger in London this summer, but then plausibility is rarely holds back the rumour monger. So. Oscar. To Liverpool. This summer.

The 23-year-old is in the Philippe Coutinho mould, both in stature and style, though he is perhaps a little more frenetic in his play both with and without the ball and, as he is a year older, perhaps is also a year further along in his development. He arrived at Chelsea for £20M in 2012 and has rarely been far from the starting eleven since. This year, he has 37 appearances in all competitions with seven goals and eight assists.

With only a single assist since he was an unused substitute in the second leg of Chelsea’s League Cup semi-final against Liverpool, though, The Metro believe he is struggling and out of favour. And that as a result of that, that Liverpool are set to pounce. To put it bluntly, they aren’t and won’t, and even if Oscar were available, his cost and that he plays at a position of strength for Liverpool would make him an unlikely target.

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