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Lallana Explains Liverpool's Resurgence

The playmaker describes how the team has changed in recent months.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana, who has been a fixture in the team for most of the season, has been extremely positive in recent days. Yesterday we brought you quotes from the Echo about his confidence heading into Liverpool's clash with Manchester United, and since then more of his thoughts have emerged, this time brought to us by the Mirror.

The Mirror reported that Lallana recited his predictions for the Premier League's top four to a group of local students with an interesting omission.

"Chelsea, City, us and Arsenal," he said, delightfully ignoring the team he is set to face on Sunday. "There's a long way to go, and I'm sure everyone has their opinions, but I'm confident we can finish in the top four."

Lallana went on to say that the United game is "massive" but stressed that regardless of the result there will be time left in the season for things to develop further.

He also discussed how things have changed since Liverpool lost to United in December.

"There has been great character from the lads since then. We've kept working and grown as a team. Confidence is sky high and there's no one we feel we can't beat."

"I think they will be worried about us," Lallana said in reference to United. "The run of form we're on, it's incredible. You can overthink a lot of things when you're not playing well and worry too much about your decision making, whereas now, we're free as a team."

"Going out on to the pitch and being free mentally is a massive thing. I think we've got that in abundance and that's why we're picking up results."

It's encouraging to hear that a team enduring the stress of a close top four race is still able to feel free and confident, as that kind of positive attitude in the team might just give Liverpool a slight edge over sides like Manchester United and Arsenal that are under loads of pressure from the press and their own fans at the moment.

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