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Walcott Linked to Liverpool as Sterling Talks Stall

Theo Walcott has long been linked to Anfield. Will the move finally happen?

Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images

The Telegraph reports that Liverpool could look to sign Arsenal winger Theo Walcott this summer if the club's contract negotiations with Raheem Sterling do not progress.

Walcott, who just turned 26, has not fully lived up to the immense expectations that were first placed on him nearly a decade ago. Still, he's carved out a nice career at Arsenal, and when healthy he has shown the ability to be an electric attacking force. But with the player reportedly wanting more than £100,000-a-week in wages (the kind of figures that are being thrown around for the better and younger Sterling), this is a move that seems highly unlikely.

However, the rumors should not come as a surprise. After all, Walcott is English and young-ish and really, really fast, making him an ideal replacement for Sterling in the eyes of the transfer rumor pot stirrers. One should expect many similar rumors in the coming months if a new Sterling deal isn't wrapped up soon.

As for Sterling, who has been replaced in Liverpool's future starting eleven by newspapers around the globe, things are starting to get a bit nerve-racking. His contract doesn't expire until 2017, but with top teams all over Europe eyeing his status, it would be comforting for Liverpool's supporters if the club wrapped up this contract business as soon as possible. That said, it's also important to avoid a deal that ruins Liverpool's future financial flexibility.

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