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Rumour Mongering: Your Arda Turan Rumour of the Week

Arda Turan has been linked to Liverpool again this week. Or maybe last week. It’s the transfer rumour circle of life.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Arda Turan has been linked with a Liverpool move since the first chimpanzee picked up a thigh bone and used it to bludgeon his enemy. Arda Turan will be linked with a Liverpool move until the heat death of the universe. Arda Turan, Atletico Madrid’s 28-year-old, hard working winger, will never actually move to Liverpool despite having been a rumoured target of every manager from Rafa Benitez on.

So this week, of course he’s being linked again, with a handful of English outlets crediting mysterious reports in Spain. If one manages to track down those reports, though, one finds they in turn credit some not-so-mysterious reports in England. Not-so-mysterious because it says right there on the label that the reports are coming from the Mirror, which most Liverpool fans will know isn’t exactly what one might call a reliable source.

One shouldn’t be too hard on the Mirror, though—they haven’t mentioned Turan in a Liverpool context in two weeks. It’s the transfer rumour circle of life. And because it’s Arda Turan his name will probably keep bouncing around for a few more weeks. Or decades. Plus even if it goes away it’ll be back in time for the summer. Though at this stage it would probably be best for everybody if the rumour mongers retired his name from the mixer.

In related news, Liverpool are continuing to be linked to Barcelona’s Pedro, with reports in England crediting reports in Spain that suggest Liverpool will try for the winger again after their efforts last summer were blocked due to Barcelona not being able to sign a replacement because of their transfer ban. The transfer ban, it should be noted, wasn’t in effect last summer. But it will be this coming summer.

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