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Rumour Mongering: Striker Set for Premier League Rather than Move Abroad

Despite rumors that he might pursue a move abroad, Danny Ings' manager has insisted that regardless of Burnley's future, Danny Ings is likely to remain in the Premier League.

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Liverpool's January window came and went without any permanent transfers on the way in, but near the end of the month it emerged that the club would be vying for the signature of Burnley's 22-year-old striker Danny Ings. It wasn't the high-profile target most had hoped for, but Ings is a promising young forward who's enjoyed a good first season in the Premier League.

That understandably earned him some attention in England and beyond, and aside from Liverpool, reports had David Moyes--current manager of Real Sociedad in La Liga--interested as well. Manager Sean Dyche appears resigned to losing the player in the summer, and he's suggesting that a move to Sociedad or anywhere else on the continent is all but ruled out:

"I think we all know his development needs to continue in the Premier League - the middle of La Liga is no use for a young player, albeit it has a great standard, but I think he's better than that and he's top end of the Premier League.

"Let's be realistic, he would only move abroad for financial reasons, wouldn't he? It's not for development, his development is top end of the Premier League. It's the most powerful league in the world. His aspirations, as young players should be, is to play for his national side. He definitely wants to play for England, I think his journey is the Premier League and the top end of the Premier League. That's the reality of his contract situation and the reality of the market we're in."

Given the almost total lack of English footballers actually plying their trade abroad, it's not particularly surprising, and if Liverpool's status as frontrunners is to be believed, this is probably good news.

Here he is in action against Manchester United on Wednesday via MrBoywunder:

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