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Premier League Requests Formal Valuations of Danny Ings from Liverpool and Burnley

Liverpool's first transfer business of the new year is likely to be some outstanding business from last summer, as Liverpool and Burnley head to a tribunal to determine a transfer fee for Danny Ings.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

January is quickly approaching and Liverpool fans are drawing up lists of players they'd love for the club to purchase should it decide to do a bit of business in the winter transfer window. Regardless of any new blood that might move to Merseyside, at least one transfer will come to a close when Liverpool finally pay Burnley for striker Danny Ings.

After Ings sustained his season-ending injury, the finer points of debate about his compensation fee became out of sight, out of mind. But the Premier League never forgets, and with neither club willing to compromise on how much they'd be willing to pay or accept for the young striker, both Liverpool and Burnley were asked to formally submit their valuations of the player to the league. The independent tribunal set to review the case and determine the compensation fee isn't scheduled to meet until January.

Liverpool have been steadfast in their insistence that at the point at which he transferred to Anfield, Ings was only worth £6 million. Burnley feel otherwise, with their requested fee ranging from £10-12 million and buoyed by Tottenham's alleged serious interest in Ings during the summer. Ings' strong start to the season prior to injury should not technically have bearing on the proceedings, but it's hard not to see Burnley's point that Liverpool might just have a bargain on their hands should they only end up paying the £6 million.

As far as drawn out transfer sagas go, it's certainly one of the longest in recent memory for Liverpool fans when it comes to players who actually ended up signing with the club. It may not be the most exciting way to kick off the January transfer window, but with a decision finally being forced on the issue, at least this is one loose end the club will have finally tied up.

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