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Liverpool Stuck Without Markovic Recall Clause

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Contrary to earlier reports that Liverpool could seek to recall Lazar Markovic, the suggestion now is that he will remain at Fenerbahce for the remainder of the season.

Matt Roberts/Getty Images

Despite reports late yesterday that Liverpool were considering a January recall for on-loan attacker Lazar Markovic, it appears unlikely he will be appearing at Anfield again this season following reports from the Times and Liverpool Echo that the club did not insert a recall clause in the loan deal.

In theory it should still be possible for the club to agree a fee with Fenerbahce to end the loan once the transfer window opens, even without a recall clause. It's something the club even considered making last season when Liverpool were in the midst of a striker crisis and Divock Origi was struggling in France.

With Times and Echo reporters with ties to the club suggesting he isn't going to be returning, though, the most reasonable conclusion is that having looked into it and lacking a previously negotiated recall clause, the club consider the fee they would have to pay to get Markovic back would be prohibitive.

The player's representatives, though, reportedly continue to believe a recall is possible. And with two-and-a-half months to go until the January transfer window, there's plenty of time for the club to reconsider their stance—or for the club to decide for certain that recalling Markovic isn't a pressing concern and leave it be.

That's because regardless of recall clauses and whether or not Liverpool might be willing to negotiate a fee for his return, they could not do so until the transfer window opens. If written into the deal, clubs can recall players from lower-league sides in the same pyramid at any time. They can't from abroad.

In a pinch, and assuming the deal as written allows it, Liverpool could recall Ryan Kent from Coventry City tomorrow. Markovic, no matter the specifics of his loan deal, his agent's believe that he could theoretically be recalled, or the club's willingness to negotiate his release, is stuck until at least January.

If the signals being sent by the club to friendly journalists are anything to go by, he'll be at Fenerbahce for rather longer than that.