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Liverpool FC Transfer News: Klopp Plots Reus Reunion

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According to reports out of Spain, new Liverpool boss Jürgen Klopp is planning to make a big splash in January by reuniting with Marco Reus.

Dennis Grombkowski/Getty Images

Marco Reus has been linked with Liverpool off and on for nearly two seasons now, and given the player spent his best years at Borussia Dortmund under new manager Jürgen Klopp, it's hardly a surprise to find him being linked yet again. It would probably be more surprising if he hadn't been.

Of course, being linked is very different from real interest, and even real interest is a long way from a done deal. It's also worth reminding people that Klopp has gone out of his way to signal that he isn't going to raid his old club for players, poaching its star names and putting Dortmund in a tough spot. That isn't in his plans.

Some Liverpool fans, though, will look at the club's prior interest in Reus and wonder if, perhaps, Klopp's presence might give the Reds an edge should the player decide he wants to head elsewhere. And if perhaps, if Reus is destined to be the target of others, if Dormund fans might not rather he be reunited with Klopp.

This at least seems to be the reasoning behind the latest set of rumours, being kicked off by Spain's Fichajes, which seems rather a stretch for an accurate source on breaking Reus rumours. The injury-prone Reus, now 26 years old, has in the past been linked to both Real Madrid and Barcelona.

He missed 19 games for Dortmund last season with a ruptured ankle ligament and series of minor muscular problems, an issue that has plagued him for his entire career. He has been relatively fit so far this season, missing just two games with a toe injury. He would likely cost upwards of £40M.

Over the summer, Liverpool's £28M signing of Roberto Firmino seemed to signal the end of any Reus interest, bringing in a similarly versatile attacking player from the Bundesliga who was both younger and had a better injury record, though the ex-Hoffenheim man has now missed a month due to a back injury.