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Liverpool FC Transfer News: Danny Ings’ Tribunal Fee Set to Rise Above £10M

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At least one broadsheet is speculating that Danny Ings' England debut today could see his eventual tribunal fee driven above the £10M mark.

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Liverpool and Burnley are still expecting Danny Ings tribunal fee to be handed down early in the new year, but expectations for how much the Reds could end up paying for him may have changed drastically with new he is expected to be given his debut against Lithuania tonight.

With England already comfortably qualified for next summer's Euros, manager Roy Hodgson is now free to tweak and experiment, and the suggestion is that barring unexpected injury, Ings will start on the bench before being given the entire second half. This could drive his eventual transfer fee above £10M

At least according to the Telegraph. It's a somewhat controversial suggestion, as the tribunal will be meant to look at factors from his time at Burnley to set his value. However, Burnley may be able to argue that an England is proof that Tottenham's £12M for Ings was both a realistic and a fair one.

In January, Burnley were asking for £7M to waive their right to a compensation hearing. Liverpool felt that was too high and refused to meet the fee. By the summer, though, the Reds had changed their tune and were offering the £7M Burnley had wanted—only Tottenham had increased what they thought they could get.

Burnley, in light of Tottenham's £12M bid, then wanted at least £10M. An England cap, even coming as it does after he's become a Liverpool player, could help to justify that valuation. Liverpool will surely point to the fact that the tribunal is only supposed to consider the player's achievements at Burnley.

They will also point to the fact that, in the end, they were willing to meet Burnley's initial valuation. Given how rarely these tribunals rule on cases as high profile as Ings', it's difficult to know how this new data point will be dealt with in the end.