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Gerrard Set to Confirm Major League Soccer Move

On Friday morning Liverpool's long-serving captain confirmed that he'll be leaving the club at season's end, and today he's announced that he'll be moving to Major League Soccer, as expected.

Victor Decolongon/Getty Images

For all the questions left about why he's leaving now (which are set to be answered at 5:00PM GMT/12:00PM EST on LFCTVGO), Steven Gerrard has been fairly efficient in his exit planning, first confirming on Friday that he would be leaving the club he's captained for over a decade at season's end, and today he is set to confirm the destination where he'll likely finish his storied career.

As expected, Gerrard will be making the move to the United States, where Major League soccer and pastures new await:

It's an unsurprising announcement, and one that leaves his exit settled for everything but the actual destination. The two locations that are mentioned with any regularity are Los Angeles and New York; the former would likely be for the LA Galaxy, as they've just lost Landon Donovan to retirement, while the latter would possibly be Manchester City, where he could join Frank Lampard to gift the English press with two more seasons of maybe this can finally work speculation and subsequently ruin Mauricio Pochettino's Manuel Pellegrini's midfield.

Wherever he goes, it won't necessarily be instant domination, though he'll surely be the most skillful player in the league. MLS isn't quite up to the quality league-wide as Europe's top leagues, but it is just as, if not more, physically demanding. Multiple players who have made the move in recent years discussed how difficult they found the travel, and while Gerrard has never been one to shy away from a challenge, things aren't quite as polished stateside.

Still, it's a move that should see him have more of an influence than he might have had at Liverpool, and one that hopefully allows him to play for another three seasons at a high level.

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