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Liverpool Kill Fresh Divock Origi Loan Recall Rumors

Social media kicked up a storm when reports started whispering around that Liverpool were about to bring Divock Origi back to Anfield, but the club doesn't like happiness and has already knocked down the rumor.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

With Liverpool fans clamoring for talented strikers, and Liverpool happening to have one away on loan in France, many have been clamoring for Divock Origi to be recalled from that loan to Anfield. Because Liverpool need strikers and he's a striker and they can just tell Lille to go away, right?

Well, no. A recall in this case would be rather more complicated than that, as Liverpool would have to pay a fee to Lille to get them to be willing to cancel their side of the loan, since the initial season-long agreement lacked an open recall clause. Essentially, Liverpool would have to pay Real Money(tm) to get their hands on a player they already own. Which makes perfect sense. Or not.

In any case, there were rumors that reportedly came out of France earlier today that Liverpool had agreed with Lille to a €6 million deal to break Origi's loan and bring the striker back to England to join the squad's rotation. Excitement abounded around the fanbase... until someone with the club talked to Sky Sports.

"[Liverpool] have since confirmed the 19-year-old will be staying at Lille until the end of the season."

-Source: Sky Sports

Well. So much for that.

It's not even clear that Origi would have helped Liverpool right off the bat anyways; while he's obviously highly skilled, he hasn't scored a goal since October 2nd, when he netted against Wolfsburg in Europa League play. He's been struggling to find consistent form for months now, which perhaps shouldn't be surprising since he doesn't turn 20 until April.

Origi is very talented and will almost certainly come good in the future, but for now, the best thing for Liverpool to do is leave him where he is, with lower pressure in an environment he's used to. Given the situation Liverpool are in right now and their desperation for production at the position, putting that much pressure and expectation on Origi as soon as he arrives would be a really good way to short-circuit his development and leaving the club with a need to spend yet more money on the position in the future.

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