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Liverpool’s Journey Is Continuing To The Bitter End

Two massive games remain, and the two biggest prizes remain in Liverpool’s grasp.

Southampton v Liverpool - Premier League Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Last week, an internet troll—who I will not link to here—suggested ahead of the first FA Cup final in a decade (and first FA Cup triumph in 16 years), that IF Liverpool were to lose that final and the upcoming Champions League final, it would be in his estimation “a 3/10 season.”

Sure, Jan.

He, conveniently, completely discounted the very real, albeit unlikely, possibility that Liverpool could still win the fucking league title.

Most importantly, assuming he is a Liverpool fan, and I suspect he is not, he is directly contradicting the spirit of the club, the point of fandom, and the direct desires of our beloved manager, Jurgen Norbert Klopp.

Briefly, it is worth revisiting Klopp’s comments from last month:

“I’d have to check but I’m pretty sure it was the start of the campaign when I wrote about a comment I’d heard from a supporter which I really liked,” Kloppo said referencing a point made by The Anfield Wrap’s Neil Atkinson.

“It was that the phrase ‘glory hunter’ can often be tagged to those drawn to following certain clubs. The point was with Liverpool it’s different. It’s not ‘glory hunting’, it’s ‘journey hunting’. And I think this sentiment matters more today than at any point.

“It is about the journey and we are on it. This shouldn’t be twisted to suggest a specific destination either – I don’t mean a specific target.”

A month later and two of the four possible pots in the bag, Liverpool’s journey is very much alive. There are still four possibilities in front of us:

  1. “Only” finish with a domestic cup double.
  2. A domestic treble.
  3. A cup treble.

This incredible moment shouldn’t be diminished or disregarded by anyone, especially purported Liverpool fans.

Kloppo understands the most important thing in all of this: you can only put yourself in the position to win trophies, but nothing is guaranteed. And this season Liverpool have done more to put themselves in the position to win trophies than any other team in the history of English football.

No other side has come close, in fact. The longest any previous quadruple challenge lasted was the beginning of May, when Chelsea’s bid was cut short by another unceremonious exit in the Champions League semifinals to a certain team in Red in 2007.

The earliest Liverpool’s quad bid can end is tomorrow. It might go all the way to May 28th.

These are the glory days.

As we learned last week, anything can happen in football, especially in a one-off game. Liverpool battered Chelsea, particularly in the opening 20 or so minutes. No goals came, Mohamed Salah went off injured, and the game turned on its head. (Where have we seen that in a final before)?

The Reds did nothing “wrong” last week, but Chelsea were still an extraordinarily difficult opponent to break down. Add in the nerves of a final and both sides forgetting their finishing boots, and it went to penalties.

Last week’s final easily could’ve gone either way. That’s the way these things go. Two talented teams are all in for a piece of silverware, and there can only be one winner. A single bounce, or decision, or moment of brilliance can be decisive. All of this is part of the journey. Being on a journey doesn’t mean a guarantee of success, it simply means putting yourself in the position to be there. And this Liverpool side are there.

“There” is the cusp of greatness, the cusp of immortality, should they win the next two, regardless of how the league pans out.

And if Liverpool fall just short in both, they will end with a minimum of 89 points, but more likely 90 or 92—the third highest Premier League tally for the club, no matter the outcome—and two trophies. It will be a season that we’ll look back on fondly, and one that will likely never be replicated.

It is silly to attempt to rate this season on a scale of 1-10, particularly before the season is over, but we’re already as close as possible to a 10. Yes, one or two more trophies would be the cherry (or cherries) on top, but the best times were all the moments leading up to the trophy lifts.

Appreciate the journey, because you’ll never get to experience this one again.

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