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Who Will Score Liverpool’s Next Goal In The Premier League?

With Liverpool amidst their worst goal drought since 2005, who do you think will break the duck?

Liverpool v Manchester United - Premier League Photo by Paul Greenwood - CameraSport via Getty Images

Oh hi, didn’t see you sitting over there. What’s that, still upset with Liverpool’s anemic goal output over the last four games? Chin up there, bucko, things will get better. Instead of reminiscing on the last time Liverpool scored (in the 12th minute against West Brom all the way back in 2020) and moping over missed chances. Let’s think happy thoughts. You know, puppies and rainbows and whatnot. Rather than wallow in misery, let’s talk about who is going to break the duck for Liverpool in 2021. Because, we all know that Liverpool won’t keep getting shut out...right...RIGHT?!?!?!

So, who’s it gonna be? Perhaps Mohamed Salah. The Egyptian striker has always had his dry spells, but he’s never stayed off the score sheet for too long over the course of his career at Liverpool. He’s the most prolific scorer on the squad, and has knocked in 13 goals already this season despite not really playing as well as we have come to expect from him. Probably the most worrying statistic over the course of this goal drought is he has only taken 8 shots over the last 4 Premier League games, with only 1 shot on target. While Salah’s finishing percentage has gotten better over the years, he’s still a bit of a shot merchant, and needs more volume.

How about Sadio Mane? Of all the attacking players, he has consistently played the best this season. He’s only cranked out 9 shots over the 4 game stretch (including the goal against West Brom), but he’s usually been more efficient with his finishing overall. He’s getting into some good positions, but just hasn’t had the ball bounce his way (while his leg was being held by the keeper).

Speaking of getting into good positions, I guess we should mention Roberto Firmino. It might surprise you that he’s gotten the most shots on target over the dry stretch, and taken the most shots overall (4 on target, 13 total). Unfortunately, when he’s missed, he’s missed bad. And Bobby has probably spurned the best chances of the rest. Still, he’s making the runs and getting into the right spots. Put just one fan in the stand, and Bobby is pretty much guaranteed to put one in the back of the net.

Outside of the front three, who else might pop up with a goal? Thiago has finally gotten back on the field, and he hasn’t been afraid to take a crack at net. He’s taken 6 shots over the 3 games he’s been involved, and has quickly settled in as Liverpool’s most creative player thus far. Xherdan Shaqiri is finally fit again, and is definitely not averse at taking a pop from distance. Maybe you think one of the midfielders, sorry, “center backs” like Fabinho or Jordan Henderson will get on the end of a free kick to head one home. If we’re lucky, we’ll get a rocket from Robbo or a perfectly placed free kick from Trent Alexander-Arnold. Let’s just hope it happens before Diogo Jota is finally fit to come back and save us in February.

So, who do you think is going to score Liverpool’s first league goal of 2021? Pick your option in the poll below, or list who you think it will be in the comments.


Who will score Liverpool’s next goal in the Premier League (and break the drought)?

This poll is closed

  • 28%
    Mohamed Salah
    (39 votes)
  • 30%
    Sadio Mane
    (41 votes)
  • 10%
    Roberto Firmino
    (14 votes)
  • 11%
    (16 votes)
  • 19%
    Someone Else (name them in the comments)
    (26 votes)
136 votes total Vote Now

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