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The Week in Search Terms: Will Mohamed Salah Score Tomorrow?

Scoring records, top speeds, and spite. These are some of the ways people have found their way to TLO lately.

Liverpool FC v Norwich City - Premier League Photo by Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/Getty Images

People find their way to TLO using all kinds of search terms. Some of them can seem a little strange, unusual, or just in need of an answer. Others seem to have nothing at all to do with Liverpool. Occasionally they’re borderline workplace-appropriate. Here are a few of them.

will salah score tomorrow?

Seems unlikely given tomorrow’s a Thursday and Liverpool aren’t playing, but he probably will on Saturday against Arsenal at Anfield, at least if his track record is anything to go by—Salah has scored in every home game against the Gunners since signing for Liverpool in 2017.

And it might be a sound bet that he won’t be the only one who does, as Sadio Mané has scored in every home game against Arsenal since he signed in 2016 and Roberto Firmino has scored in every home game against Arsenal since he signed in 2015. Plus Firmino’s always been the one who opens the scoring. And long may it continue.

virgil van dijk nervous

Virgil van Dijk is never nervous. Also he loves clean sheets.

motm man city vs totenham



That’s James “Hamez “The Body” Thrillner” Milner to you, bud.

who is fastest liverpool player

That’s always a bit of a tricky one in football, as fastest can mean top speed or acceleration or some combination of the two depending on who you’re asking. I mean, just look at right back and ask who’s faster, Joe Gomez or Trent Alexander-Arnold? Put them on a track and it’s almost certainly Gomez—and his recovery speed when played at centre half is a sight to behold. With the ball at their feet out on the touchline, though, it’s Alexander-Arnold who gives Liverpool more speed—or pace, perhaps—at the right back position.

For what it’s worth, in the past Gomez has said that forwards Salah and Mané have the best acceleration or short distance speed on the team while he and Van Dijk would be faster over longer distances. Meanwhile, by the measured, real world numbers, Liverpool’s fastest player in a game last season was actually Divock Origi, who clocked the eighth fastest speed in the Premier League last season when he hit 35.04 km/h.

spiteful miserabilists

It us.

alisson 8

I know he’s good with his feet but that seems a bit of a stretch if I’m being honest.

Chamberlain de Liverpool

That. Sounds. Super. Fancy. And awesome. And I kinda want it on a kit now. Which, I mean, if they can get all of Jan Venegoor of Hesselink on a shirt, then they should be able to make Chamberlain de Liverpool fit.

liverpool top 10 transfer targets january 2020

We’re signing nobody and you’re going to like it.

rangers fc money problems

If they can’t afford the £5M or so it’d probably take to sign Ryan Kent permanently—and he was, it’s worth remembering, the Scottish Premiership’s Young Player of the Season last time around—then yeah, I’d say they probably have money problems. Though, I mean, they did manage to scrounge up £3.5M for Filip Helander. So. Prove us wrong, Rangers.

सेबेस्टियन कोट्स

Now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time.

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