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Summer Transfer Window: Enjoy the Crapshoot

There will be winners and losers this window, but that isn’t always readily apparent.

Liverpool Training Session Photo by Thananuwat Srirasant/Getty Images

I couldn’t for the life of me peddle more transfer rumors this morning. I just couldn’t.

Usually somewhere along the way of perusing stories online I come across something I can cover, even during the blockiest of writer’s blockiest days. Not today.

It’s easy to feel burnt out on the summer transfer window—which as of today is STILL a full month away. Moreover, it’s easy to feel like we’re losing out, especially when we are so obviously reaching for the stars, only to (seemingly) grab a few low-hanging fruit.

As the likes of Chelsea and the Manchester clubs roll out huge offer after huge offer (probably in unused oil barrels) it’s easy to feel left behind.

While we remember the transfer “hits” it’s easy to forget the “misses.” Perhaps the player never quite fit the system. Perhaps he never really had a chance to break through into the starting XI. Perhaps injuries derailed an otherwise promising career (pour one out for Danny Ings, y’all).

Despite failing to land several high-profile targets last summer, and despite being outspent by all the other big teams (and even a few minnows), Liverpool had one of the best transfer windows in recent memory last summer. Whether through luck, skill, or “coachin’ ‘em up” Liverpool’s newest additions helped the club achieve significant progression from the previous campaigns.

This is not to say that we should be satisfied with only being able to capture our second choices. Rather, I’m saying that we don’t necessarily have to assume that we can’t field a successful side, either.

Additionally, there’s also the law of diminishing returns. The clubs above us on the table will surely outspend us, but that additional spending might not translate into additional league points and/or an improved position. It certainly didn’t help in United’s case. Each team can still (as far as I’m aware) only field 11 players at a time.

When we inevitably get to the end of the window (oh, I cannot wait until that sweet day) there will be an instant desire to rate it, especially in comparison to others. However, it will be almost impossible to judge the window straight away. It might be years before players fully integrate and show their full potential (looking at you, Adam Lallana).

Despite already missing out on at least two (and likely all four) of our top targets, Klopp & Co. have established a good, quality base going forward. The players who are here and who came last summer seem fully committed to the cause.

Obviously more quality is needed, but it’s not obvious that more quality will necessarily come from the transfer market (or, sadly, at all).

There are good players out there, and we don’t have to search our memories too hard to think of gems that were overlooked by the big boys. Luis Suarez was hardly a world beater when we brought him in, but he certainly was when he left. Daniel Sturridge and Philippe Coutinho had been languishing on the benches of Chelsea and Inter Milan, respectively. These are rare—even lucky—examples. But you never know when or where the next great transfer steal will come from.

For now, I suggest grabbing some popcorn and enjoying the madness. And have faith in Jurgen Klopp.

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