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The Countdown: John Barnes Demands Improvement in Klopp's First Full Season

T minus 690 hours, Reds, before Klopp takes "his" team into the maw.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

It's that time, friends. Time when I no longer feel like bringing you likely-meaningless updates on transfer rumors. Time between preseason games. Time when I don't feel like discussing how club-connected journalists say there will be three more signings before the end of the window (but that's coming soon!, promise). Nay, it's time to drum up some froth at the mouth enthusiasm for Our Reds. Klopp's Reds. Liverpool's Reds. Shankly's, Paisley's, and Kenny's Reds.

Speaking with TalkSport (Francesca / The Herd / Whatever-idiot-talking-head-show-you-prefer, for you non-UK readers), John Barnes - he of the immaculately-thighed left foot - stressed that he, just like us, expects improvements in the coming campaign, stating: "[t]he Liverpool situation for me is similar to the England situation. When [Klopp] came in I said I wouldn't judge him this year as it's not his team and needs five or six weeks to put a strategy in place. But this year I'll be more demanding."

Let us pause and consider that when Shankly took the helm Liverpool were a shambles, Anfield was in disrepair, and Melwood was a joke. Languishing in the second tier, the club were on a road to nowhere. After insisting that Melwood be redeveloped and Anfield repaired, Shankly set about workign working with Paisley, Fagan, and Reuben Bennett to establish our beloved club as a dominant force.

Tack back to the now: Anfield is being redeveloped; the Academy and First Team may reunite, as they were under Shankly, the ultimate one club man; and Jürgeno Klopp is at the helm, one of the world's best managers, not just in terms of tactics, but in promoting a unity between fans, management, and the players.

T minus 690 hours, with some more signings to come. Perhaps no more starters. But consider our current 11: Karius; Clyne Matip Lovren Moreno; Emre and Grujic (or Hendo); Cou Bobby Mané; Studge up top.

Not many EPL teams can trot out that firepower. Not many teams have Jürgen as their manager. Not many teams have fans capable of rising to the occasion, driving their club to the most famous of wins (seriously, listen to the reaction of that first goal). And the best teams, other than Arsenal, have new managers introducing new systems, new coaches, new personnel, and new systems.

So, remember, Reds. T minus 689 hours, now, friends. We're not doing preseason predictions here, since the cast and crew are not set. That day will come later. What we are doing here is opening the floor for a Saturday night social: let's gauge the pulse. Let's hear your worries. Let's hear your excitement. Let's hear why you, you Reds that make the team what it is, are excited (or scared as fuck, given mou, Guardiola, and Conte all arriving, and w/ Wenger adding Xhaka). Get excited. It's less than a month before we take the field. Before we take the league by storm. Before Jürgen unleashes the hounds.


T minus 689 hours.

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