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Rodgers Shalt Not Resign

On the eve of a vicious cockfight with the tactical troubadour that is Timothy Sherwood, Brendan Rodgers notes his predisposition to not relinquishing his title at Liverpool Football Club.

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Brendan Rodgers clawed his way to his current purview, and he'll be Fowler damned if he's about to relinquish that perch without a fight. Good. This says very little about what Liverpool need moving forward, but hopefully its an indicator that the Gaffer's got a couple bouts in him yet. Please have a couple of bouts in you yet, Brendan.

For most supporters, the goalposts have been shifted towards the when and the who of Rodgers' replacement, rather than the if. TLO natives will note that the predictably rapturous response to these questions have centered around the young managerial talent in the game, and the King of Europe.

But maybe Liverpool aren't asking the right question. Is Liverpool's next manager more important than the individual who hires Liverpool's next manager? Is it time to replace Rodgers, or is it time to ensure Rodgers' replacement matches the eternal ambitions of this grand old ship? You know where this is going. And if you don't know--Director of Football--now you know.

Supporting Liverpool Football Club is the sports fan's equivalent of watching a David Lynch film. Shit is going to get inappropriately, tortuously weird, but you accept it because its the only thing real enough to feel worthy of your time. Rarely does it get more weird than a lame duck manager walking up to a podium to pontificate on the potential expanses of time that he will, assuredly, not be spending as manager of his current domain. Rodgers literally went from one day to 20 years in his last approximation of the remaining tenure here. Whoa, mate.

So, you need to clean up. And on the one hand, there is Rodgers' more successful, more German, and--critically--more comically interesting analog: Jurgen Klopp.  On the other, an intravenous injection of impervious Italian, Carlo Ancelotti. Both brilliant managers, both excellent options, both well worthy of Rodgers' white-hot seat.

But lets not discredit an overarching General Manager as a solution to Liverpool's current problems. It's easily the most attractive part of any ownership model based on establishing sustainable success. Some of the historical weight on Liverpool's next manager should be lightened. This absurdly maligned transfer committee ironed out into a single squad building vision. Director of Football.

This Villa game is sat ahead of a week's extension, or a pink slip for Rodgers, so this question is perhaps asked at an inappropriate time. But, then again, FSG had the time after last season's Stoke City loss. Before they gave Brendan Rodgers the ro-o-chance.

Ownership half-stepping is not a good look. But breaks are hard to deny.

Brendan Rodgers must win games until he irrefutably disproves any notion of doubt, OR, FSG turn to a solution. That solution should be based around a new Director of Football, as well. That would certainly wash for fans, some of whom have been calling to have made the change since the end of last season.

At the very least its an option. Just as legitimate as FSG throwing all the duckets it takes for Carlo Ancelotti to decide that the Reds job is too good of an opportunity to turn down. This is where you get down and dirty with the money you save culling wages and investing in progressive talents--give Philippe Coutinho the guy who unlocked Pirlo, for Fowler's sake. And then, most importantly, give that guy a smooth talking back office sidekick.

Early decision win against Villa; convincingly defend home court right now you bloody Reds!

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