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Thiago Suffers Muscle Injury In Return to Action Against Arsenal

Liverpool’s Thiago Alcantara returned from nearly a year on the sidelines and made a 15-minute cameo in Sunday’s 3-1 defeat.

Arsenal FC v Liverpool FC - Premier League Photo by Nick Taylor/Liverpool FC/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Thiago Alcantara had missed the entirety of the 2023-24 season as he worked to recover from a hip injury and resultant surgery. He made his return on Sunday by way of a 15 minute cameo against Arsenal in Liverpool’s 3-1 defeat.

It could be his last appearance for a while again, as The Times are now reporting that the player suffered a muscle injury during his time on the pitch. It feels like a cruel joke for fans who have spent the entire season waiting for his return, and will be worse for the player.

Still, while specifics and timelines are not available, Thiago had been out for the better part of an entire calendar year, and it is not unusual for athletes sidelined for such lengthy periods to pick up secondary muscle injuries.

Without a full pre-season to work up to speed, nothing can fully prepare a returning player for the tempo of a competitive match, and while picking up another injury in 15 minutes feels almost parodic for a player who has struggled with injuries, another injury at some point in the weeks following his return was always likely.

The hope now will just have to be that it is exceptionally minor, keeping Thiago on the sidelines for a week or two before he can return again—hopefully this time being able to stay involved for the remainder of the season.

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